Oakley Bedford, new friends!

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OakleyLou76 Fri 17-Oct-14 13:47:00

Hello all,

I have never posted to Mumsnet before so here goes!

We have just moved to Oakley in Bedford and would like to make some new friends with fellow mums in the area and surrounding villages/Bedford for coffee, play dates, walks and even the odd glass of wine after a hard week! I have two little ones, Oscar (2yrs) and Thea (1yr) who both love playing, park time, going to groups ect.

Would love to hear from anybody keen to meet up or hear of any good groups in the area that are friendly and sociable! We love the outdoors and are always out and about but mostly on our own at the moment!

Hope to hear,

Thanks Lou x

tiote Thu 20-Nov-14 17:27:42

I run a parents-toddlers group in Bedford, at the Tavistock community centre, you are welcome to join us! First session is free
Have a look here
See you soon!

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