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brop1 Thu 10-Jan-13 21:26:18

Hi all I'm new to this site and have read several threads regarding this subject but felt I had to start a new thread to be specific to our needs. My hubby and I want to start a family this year and want to move from North Kent to Bedfordshire. I have searched but still not sure on which area. Our budget is 320K-390k and preferably a 4 bedroom but a 3 bedroom with scope to extend will also be good, a garden and garage. We would obviously like a nice safe area with good schools for when we have our little ones. The area needs to be within 40 mins train commute to London. We are also considering Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire if anyone has info on those areas.
Thanks in advance for all your replies.

cupcakekid Mon 14-Jan-13 12:19:44

Any ideas folks??

Milton Keynes in Bucks is really family friendly and you can still commute to London easily (my hubby does aswell).

Snowanjell Fri 18-Jan-13 11:10:58

I have lived in Herts/ Bucks and now Beds, for the last 20 years. Obviously property values are much higher the closer to London you are; for example I've just sold my one bed flat in Rickmansworth, Herts for £200k, whilst we've just bought a 4-bed, new build property in Bedfordshire for £245k.

-- Best locations for commuting to London from Herts include: Harpenden, Berkhamsted, Watford, St Albans, Rickmansworth (the first three are mainline train, the last one is on the tube).
-- Best locations for commuting to London from Bucks include: Chesham, Amersham, Great Missenden, Aylesbury (first two on the tube, last two mainline).
-- Best locations for commuting to London from Middx include: Northwood, Harrow, Pinner, Stanmore, Ruislip (all on the tube).
-- Best locations for commuting to London from Beds include: Milton Keynes, Luton, St Neots, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City (mainline rail).
** Worth noting that because the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines are old they often have track problems.

To give you an approximation of time to London, travelling by tube from Northwood to Baker St is about 30 mins. Rickmansworth - Baker St is about 40 mins, Amersham about 50 mins. You should allow an extra 20 mins on top to get across town to the City/ Canary Wharf. By mainline rail, Watford is approx 40 mins away, St Albans and Berkhamsted about 45 mins, St Neots is 50 mins. All the mainline trains come into the City (Euston, Kings X, Moorgate).

You will find a property within your price range with relative ease and plenty of green space in BEDS, but you will sacrifice that for the commute. Good shopping in MK and Cambridge.

BUCKS is beautiful and rural with lots of pretty villages, with prices to match. Commuting by rail or tube will be expensive.

HERTS will be slightly more expensive, with leafy countryside and country pubs as well as decent travel links to the rest of the country, but depending on your preference you may find that you can compromise on space and keep your commute reasonable. Good shopping in Watford, St Albans and Brent Cross at a push.

MIDDX will probably be most expensive, because you are so close to London, but equally it will be more built up and not as pretty. Commute is usually good but crowded. Best shopping at Brent X or Westfield White City.

Schools and facilities-wise there's a massive range within each of the counties so you're best off drilling down once you've found the area you like best, but the pace of life reflects the style of living but generally, the further out you go the less stressed, and more relaxed it seems to be.

Hope this helps!

brop1 Wed 30-Jan-13 06:35:42

Wow Snow. That you so much for the info. This has been really helpful. Beds is looking more probable at the moment value wise. Just trying to pinpoint where.

ItWillSoonPass Fri 01-Feb-13 15:47:53

There are loads of new developments in Beds if a newbuild floats your boat. The Wixams is a new town going up just outside Bedford itself. It will have its own station in 2015 which will be on the line between Bedford and Flitwick, but lots of people commute to Central London from here already.

I would wait and see what happens to a planning application for a landfill site nearby before buying here though.

Hugapug Thu 14-Feb-13 12:20:04

Have you considered Olney in Buckinghamshire? Great preschools, nurseries, infant school, junior school and secondary school - all walkable. Shops, pubs, Costa Coffee, restaurants etc. Trains to London from Milton Keynes, Wellingborough and Bedford.

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