Swimming lessons for 5 month old

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AKMD Fri 03-Aug-12 13:42:46

Hitchin has a lovely warm toddler pool and family changing rooms: link They also do parent & baby and parent & toddler sessions (see link for timetable).

On the left hand side of that page there are links for other pools in the area.

For classes, ring the pools directly to see what they do. It's also worth putting Water Babies into Google to see if they have a class near you. Another provider I've heard good things about is Little Fishes.

ZLG2012 Thu 02-Aug-12 21:19:50

I've been looking into taking my DD swimming but have been told by the local pool (Saxon gate) that they don't have specific baby sessions and we'd just have to go at a public time. Not so keen on this as I think it may be a bit overwhelming and would like to be guided as to what to do with DD rather than just sort of hoping she'll float! smile

Does anyone know of any pools which do run good mother/baby swimming sessions in the Beds/North Herts area?

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