Stotfold Area and Schools

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sarahwoodward Sat 09-Jun-12 22:32:11

As a teacher in the area I have had children go to knights templar from further away than stotfold. I personally don't favour the 3 tier system in Bedfordshire unless you have bright children, they thrive going to middle schools (often run as a secondary schools) at the earlier age of 9 and facilities such as science labs etc are so good, primary schools can't compete with this.

JoArtyJo Mon 19-Mar-12 08:03:17

Looks like I asked this way too late last night! Anyone this morning know anything about the above?

JoArtyJo Sun 18-Mar-12 23:56:33


I currently live in St Albans, and are considering a move to stotfold near Letchworth. (fairfield park development). I am a little concerned about the school catchment area, which is the only thing putting me off the house we like there!

Does anyone know what Samuel Whitbread is like? The ofsted report I found says it is 'satisfactory'- which worries me a lot. Is it possible for kids in beds to go to school in herts? As stotfold is literally on the border? I am particularly interested in whether it is possible to get into Hitchin Boys and Knights Templar?

Or are there other good schools in Beds which Stotfold comes under?! Any general advice on the Beds school system also welcome :-) And of course about Stotfold/ Letchworth as an area.


Jo =)

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