Cycling along London Road, Bath

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awjr Thu 09-Jun-16 15:14:19

For those unaware, the London Road Gateway scheme was effectively finally delivered on the 24th of May with the installation of the loading bay restriction signs onto the rather poor parking bays that are also the on path cycle path. Hopefully this will bring less people walking and cycling on the path into conflict.

However the council is planning on changing it again. This time the intention is to remove the physical on-road protection and extend the loading bays.

CycleBath, Transition Larkhall, Transition Bath and Bath Cycling Club really just want the council to stop wasting money in this area. The petition is almost at 500 people and will be presented by me to the general council meeting on the 21st of July. Please sign this ff you want to keep the cycle lane on London Road:

Thank you!

Adam Reynolds
CycleBath Chair

PS: If you get a chance, try the new ramp from Grosvenor Bridge to the towpath. Really easy to get push chairs up their now.

ItsAHillyHill Fri 10-Jun-16 14:50:24

That sounds terrible Adam. After all the hard work put into that scheme to try to accommodate everybody. I'll share with my friends.

awjr Fri 10-Jun-16 15:09:32

Yeah it's not good.

I'm presenting the petition (almost 500 people signed it) at the next general council meeting on the 21st of July.

I think we are also going to arrange a protest outside the guildhall at the same time.

We shall see where this all goes. I don't think Cllr Tony Clarke will listen. He's already cancelled the pedestrian crossing from Rainbow Woods into Bathwick (near the University). That was 14 years in the planning. sad

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