6 month old baby friends

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Any mums with babies around the 6 month mark want to meet up? Struggling to find people with babies the same age!

ChesterCake Wed 08-Jun-16 14:05:07

Hiya my little boy has just turned 7 months this weekend and I also don't know anyone with similar ages babies. Where abouts are you based? Monday and Wednesday afternoons are always best for me as my eldest is at pre school then!

Hiya! We're based in Newbridge, how about you?

TootingNell Sat 03-Sep-16 15:43:01

Hello both, your babies much be around 8-9 months now? I'm new to Bath and have an 8 month old baby - would be great to meet.

ayford Fri 09-Sep-16 00:28:48

There's a lovely group called Pixies at Claremont Hall off Camden Road, Fairfield Park/Larkhall area. Songs, story time, creative play and seasonal crafts for children 0-3 and their Mums/Dads or carers.

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