Anyone moved from Bristol to Keynsham?

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individual Tue 03-Nov-15 19:24:41

So we're considering a move to Keynsham. Just wondering about other people's experiences - the good stuff, the bad stuff, any regrets or things you wish you'd known? Was it a big change or not so much? Anything really as I don't know much about Keynsham except the usual statistical stuff on the schools. Thanks!

Tercear Thu 14-Apr-16 03:43:04

Hello smile I realise you posted quite a few months ago so I'm sure by now you've already decided whether to make the move! We moved from Bristol to Keynsham last year and have no regrets. There is a lot of open space and child friendly cafes, as well as a fairly decent selection of schools (I'll find out on Monday where our son is going!). I've found being so close to both Bristol and Bath has really helped since we can still go into either for day trips or shopping but still enjoy living somewhere where we can get parked easily grin

Pipda Thu 23-Jun-16 15:09:37

Jealous. We tried moving to Keynsham from Emersons before baby was born, but house fell through and ended up moving to High Littleton. Nice village and house, but can't walk to all the baby groups like in Keynsham.

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