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nic0904 Thu 13-Aug-15 18:54:06

Hi Everyone!

I need some help please?
I'm a stay at home Bath Mum and am starting my own business.
Fed up with trawling the internet, jumping from page to page searching for the best deals and offers, or buying something only to see it cheaper elsewhere, I'm in the process of creating the first children's price comparison site.
Site users will be able to quickly and easily compare the prices of all the leading retailers for everything Mum, baby and child related.
Absolutely everything from breast pumps and sterilisers, car seats and prams, toys and computer games, nursery furniture and whatever else you can think of!
I've already affiliated with many leading retailers and the site is being developed but I now need to secure funding to employ staff to help run it.
To help prove to the panel that this is something that people will be interested in, I've done a really quick survey asking whether or not you would use the site, favourite retailers, average online spend etc.
I already have 300+ responses but really want to smash any question of viability out of the water.
If you could take 2 minutes to let me know what you think, I'd be incredibly grateful and owe you all a big drink if I ever get to meet you!

There's a pre launch Facebook page telling you abit more about the site and featuring a few of the companies I have on board so far -

Please feel free to like and share.....I need all the support I can muster at this stage!
Thanks again, Nicola x

joopy79 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:24:15

Done! Good luck with that! Would you also include who has nappies on offer?

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