School choice if I have to travel for work?

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Ladypurp Sun 12-Jul-15 15:10:42

I am new to Bath and have a new job that will require me to travel at least one week per month. In the past, I have always worked PT and have been around for the children, however they are now growing up and becoming more independent. My daughter is in first year university but my son is 14 and going into the GCSE years. My husband does work from home, but I don't expect him to be as vigilant as I am about homework,not too much screen time etc.
We have a place in both Beechen Cliff and in Monkton Combe. My dilemma is which one will be the best for my son in the afternoons, post-classes. While BC ends mid-afternoon,would there be enough after school activities to keep him occupied and do the boys there think it is "cool" to stay after school? Also, are the teachers vigilant about checking to see if homework has been done (yr 10)? Alternatively, MC has an intensive program of keeping the children after school for activities, study hall, and tea, with the day children going home at 8pm. This could solve our family dilemma, but is it really worth the cost of MC? I also had heard that MC is not as academic as BC, but if the boys get lost in the big state school environment, perhaps it is only super academic who achieve at BC and not so much the ones who need a little pushing (from either the school or their parents)? In this case, maybe MC would offer more pastoral care and in my absence, encourage the more academic side of my son?
All thoughts on this welcome!!

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