Hmm: commuting, living in Batheaston, have I messed this up!?

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HeadingSW Wed 03-Dec-14 10:12:55

I'm making a big move to Bath next March, and have been planning things for a long long time following a separation from my husband of 14 years. It's my fresh start! I'll be living on the outer edges of Larkhall/ Batheaston, and applying for local primary schools for my DS. I really like the look of the area and am looking forward to getting down there.

However. The practicalities. I'm now panicking that I've really scuppered my job prospects. I seem to be living on the wrong side of Bath for work in the Bristol direction, or Bristol itself, which is where a lot of the jobs seem to be. I get the impression that the traffic/commute is pretty impossible if I need to get towards Bristol and I'm not going to be near Bath train station either. How realistic is it to get to Bath train station for 8.45am in the morning, for say a 9.15 start in Bristol?!

Having tried to co-ordinate things over the past few months, from quite a distance, I'm really worried that I've made life impossible for myself. Add in a school drop in Batheaston every morning, and I can't see how I'm going to do it as a lone parent. Also, childcare that side of the city seems really limited sad

I really don't want to move DS after his first Reception year, but I'm already thinking I might have to do this if I can't find work. I'm currently freelancing but will be applying for jobs when I get down to Bath.

I'm now starting to think that Weston would be a better location choice (although not great for the train station so is this pointless? Driving to Bristol sounds like a nightmare....)

I'm not quite sure what I'm asking here - maybe, does anyone live on the east side of Bath and commute to Bristol every day? Is it possible? Am I better off trying to get DS into a more central school in Bath, or in Weston after his reception year?

Sorry, it's just so hard, trying to find good school, housing, jobs and so on from a long way away, plus a new home, plus trying to work out jobs etc. All on my own!!

Any advice/ practical pointers would be very helpful. I've also posted this on BathMums. Thanks for reading.

EggsandPegs Wed 03-Dec-14 13:18:56

First up, don't panic! I don't know the answers to your exact questions but didn't want to read and run. Lots of jobs in Bristol are pretty near temple meads so getting a train at 8:45 would probably be ok. Also, some bristol jobs are in places like Aztec west, which is much easier to get to from larkhall and up the motorway.

Have you looked at the 1big database for childcare options? There's a link here if you haven't! It's a really stupidly designed website (don't even try on the mobile version) here are some childminders who pick up from batheaston.[keywords]=Childminder&childcare_search[location]=Ba2+4ja&commit=Find!&childcare_search[school_pickup_id]=416

Bath is a great place to live with a kid and I'm sure everything will work out!

HeadingSW Wed 03-Dec-14 15:11:20

Hi Eggs, thanks so much for replying, I'm very glad to hear your positive message! Thanks for the childcare info too - I'll check out the links and hopefully get a better idea of what's available.

supermandoesnotwearacoat Sun 07-Dec-14 08:50:47

we live in Larkhall. St Saviours School has breakfast and after school club. Breakfast club starts at 8. I work in Bath, near the train station and cycle in. I'm normally at work by 8.25. Hope this helps

HeadingSW Sun 07-Dec-14 17:06:26

Hi Superman, thanks for replying. Yes, I've thought about St Saviours as an option if I find the whole thing a logistical nightmare... I don't really want to move DC after the reception year but if needs must, then so be it. Can I ask what you think of St S? I know the Juniors is having some major building work done. Also, as a single parent who will be new to the area, I'll be looking to meet people! Would you say the school has an active PTA at all? Thanks again.

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