Moving to Bath - reassurance please!

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Wolffie17 Sun 30-Nov-14 21:09:30

We are moving to Bath in a couple of weeks' time and I'm looking for reassurance! We are relocating from Yorkshire and it's taken nearly the whole year to sort out the move. That's given me plenty of time to wonder if we are doing the right thing! I have 2 kids and currently live in a small town where life is very easy and shops, schools, after school activities etc are all in close proximity. However, all our family is down south so when my husband got the chance to change his job we thought we'd take it. We were attracted to Bath because we thought it would be similar to where we are currently living, but perhaps with more work opportunities for me. However, now I'm panicking that life will be a lot harder living in Bath - have heard a lot of scare stories about hideous traffic jams, the impossibility of buying a house and the hills which seem to make it hard work to get anywhere. Can anyone reassure me about life with kids in Bath (mine are 8 and 6)? Also, my husband will be needing to get to the station regularly so we were looking at living somewhere you can walk to easily - Widcombe and Bear Flat seem obvious choices but is Bathampton also an option? Any advice and reassurance much appreciated at this late stage!

EggsandPegs Wed 03-Dec-14 13:24:31

I grew up in bath and can vouch for it as a wonderful place to be a kid. I now have a baby and it's been a great place to be a parent so far! Widcombe is ideal for the train station, Bear Flat is very close but up a very steep hill (lots of people walk it every day) - both are lovely places to live. Bathampton is easy for the train station if your husband is happy to cycle along the towpath. Oldfield Park is another option that's not too far from the train station - or it has its own train station too. It's a mix of young families and students.

Widcombe is great if you can afford the size house you need! It's so close to the centre but also really close to fields and woods that feel like the real countryside. They are about to pedestrianise the main shopping street so will soon get even better!

Wolffie17 Sun 07-Dec-14 21:42:05

Thank you EggsandPegs for the reassurance. I'll find out for myself soon enough I guess... hoping we've made a good decision on this one!

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