New to Keynsham - Can you help?

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Django1406 Thu 20-Nov-14 18:58:16

Hi, I've recently moved to the area with my partner and my 4 yo son. I'm pregnant and due to have my baby in April. I'd be really keen to get any recommendations for baby groups or antenatal meet ups/yoga/exercise and would love to meet some local mums (or mums to be!).
Thanks all!

LocalEditorBath Fri 21-Nov-14 09:50:27

Hi Sarah and welcome to the area smile

Hope you are all adjusting to your new home. Is your son at school?

Here's a few ideas for you, but hopefully someone from the area will be around to say hi soon with more suggestions.

Story-Times at Keynsham Library are great and free!

Antenatal exercise classes

Buggy walk, but not just for mums and babies

Hope something there is useful and if you attend any of these, we would appreciate a review flowers

Like us on FB for weekend ideas and other info and we have a monthly newsletter with a more comprehensive guide to what's on locally.

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