Restaurant/bar with Creche - would you use it?

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Tinks318 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:44:02

I have been asked by a friend of mine (entrepreneur) if I would go to a restaurant/bar for early evening social occasions , if there were Creche facilities on site. Basically myself and my husband would relax downstairs and have a meal or drink whilst someone else takes care of our young children.
Personally I think its a great idea, but see pitfalls. Have they room for the buggy, is the upstairs safe (stairs) are there baby changing facilities and many more, but just wanted to get other people opinion and whether you think it appropriate to go out and maybe have a drink or two and then have to take your children home!! Or would just coffee be better, and in that case would you rather go to a play cafe.
What does everyone think?

LocalEditorBath Sat 01-Nov-14 16:41:56

This is an interesting idea. But like you, I can see pitfalls and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I could relax, especially enough to drink lots of- wine with my meal.

When my eldest was a toddler, we used a park cafe which had a dedicated kids corner (well away from doors or kitchens) and you could let your child wander up there and take a toy, read a book etc. You were responsible for them, but It was just a lovely relaxed way to enjoy a coffee.

I loved that place.

I don't think the creche would've worked for us. I would probably have to eat whilst listening to my kids scream -and I could stay at home for free and do that-

Madcats Wed 05-Nov-14 15:29:49

I don't think it would have worked for me when DD was a baby/toddler because life tended to get a bit fraught between 4-6:30 (hungry/tired/just plain grumpy - and that was me). Not all toddlers are little angels (thinking back to nursery), so I certainly wouldn't leave a young child with carers (and children) they barely knew.

What would be brilliant would be to "copy" what some of the super kid-friendly hotels do. Set up a kiddy cinema with beanbags/popcorn etc and let the kids watch a movie while the parents have a decent meal.

That said, we tend to eat out as a family at lunchtimes mostly because www enjoy it, but also because we wanted to expose DD to other cooking styles

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