Babies in Bradford on Avon

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Pizdets Thu 27-Mar-14 08:15:18


Know this is a bit of a long shot as there don't seem to be many replies on here but I've just moved to Bradford on Avon and would love to meet people! I have a 6 month old DS and we've been to a couple of groups but they mostly seem to be older toddlers. It would be great to get to know people with babies in the town.

Hoping we might hear from someone in a similar situation.


Hookie Sat 29-Mar-14 19:21:37

I don't live in Bradford on Avon but I've taken both my children to Waterbabies at Church Farm in Winsley and met people from Bradford. If you start when your baby is small you can stay in the same group and get to know the others and the good thing is that all the babies will be about the same age. People are usually up for going for coffee or lunch at Hartley Farm after the class which is only a couple of minutes away and then you get more of a chance to chat. You could try getting in touch with your local NCT - I know they used to do coffee groups at people's houses but don't know if the Wiltshire group is still active. Also have you looked at what's on at the Library, I thought they did a bounce and rhyme session which has the benefit of being free!

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