Want to give your child's reading and writing a boost in the Summer holidays?

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LucyFletcher Tue 19-Mar-13 16:34:09

Summer’s Cool is a totally unique approach to boosting your child’s Literacy skills in the middle of the Summer holidays when they need it most. We will provide a specific programme of learning in a fun and creative way, using a multi-sensory approach, to appeal to all styles of learners.

Whether your child is dyslexic, is demonstrating dyslexic tendencies or just needs a boost in confidence and skills, then this could be what you’re looking for.

We are open on 12th – 16th August 2013, 9.30 – 12.30. Each day has a separate theme, so you can pick and choose the morning that suits your child’s needs or book the full week, at a discounted fee. Children will be in groups of no more than six per teacher.

Monday 12th August – Tricky words
Tuesday 13th August – Fun with phonics
Wednesday 14th August – Handwriting – bs and ds
Thursday 15th August – Rhyme Time Phonics
Friday 16th August – Master Mind Writing

All of the staff are teachers or teaching assistants with relevant qualifications and experience in this field.

We are going to be at Bromley Heath Infant School, Downend, Bristol. BS16 6NJ - close to the ring road, so not far from Bath!

Please look at the website to find out more: www.summerscoolfun.co.uk

Or email with any queries: mail@summerscoolfun.co.uk

saltycaramel Tue 19-Mar-13 21:57:00

Hi! Thanks for adding this link but it would be easier for people to find it if you list it in the after school listing (this conversation will disappear after a while unless people comment). Let me know if you need help with it or if you cannot find where to list smile

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