Moving to Frome from Kent in 5 months time!

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Serenamounsey Mon 25-Feb-13 09:07:03

Hello Bath Mums

My husband and I spent the weekend in Bath looking around for places to move to. We have fallen in love with Frome. We have a two daughters, the eldest is 4 and will start school in September and the youngest is 5 months old.
My husband works away all week so I will mainly be on my own with the two girls.
My main problem is schools for my eldest, I have a form I have to complete in the next couple of days and wondered which area we should apply too? I am so nervous about the move as I have spent most of my life in Kent and will be leaving my friends and family so would love to meet up with other mummy's if at all possible to make friends :-)
We really liked the look of Frome and want to live just outside of the main town but close enough for my husband to get to the station on foot or bike if needed as I will have the car x
Would really love to have a local opinion or anyone that has moved to Frome for a fresh start.
I am an older mum of 36 years old, I don't think that will make any difference, but where I live currently most mums are in there teens :-0
Thank you all so much in advance

OoooShiney Tue 26-Feb-13 08:20:27


On this board, further down there is an old post on moving to Frome, it started Sept 11, but it keeps getting re-ignited. It's worth looking at as they recommend some good areas to live and some schools.

I live nearby and pop into Frome quite a bit, nice high street and the swimming pool is good.

fromeah Thu 28-Feb-13 13:38:39

Hello there,

Frome is a very friendly place - there are loads of toddler groups and things for your youngest, and the NCT is quite active and a good way to make friends. There is also a Frome Parents facebook page which is quite active.

Re schools - have a look at Trinity, Vallis, St Johns - they are all v different in feel but are all good. But a lot will depend on where in town you are, as they all operate by catchement. Also have a look at Berkeley, if you don't mind driving to school every day.

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