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Louellabella Wed 09-Jan-13 19:28:33

Hello all

We are considering the Pargaon school for our DD, who would start in year 3 in Sept. Can anyone give any ideas on class sizes and the general feel of the school? We are looking for a school with small classes an a nurturing environment. Would also consider state schools but as we are not yet living in Bath, without an adress it will be pretty hard to get a place anywhere.

Also, looking on Google earth, I notice some huge H-shaped buildings south of the school. Can anyone tell me what they are? Barracks? Prison? Doesn't say on the map. Cheers.

OoooShiney Thu 10-Jan-13 21:26:12

I think the buildings are Fox Hill which is MOD offices.

I'm none too sure about schools in Bath to be honest as I live in the surrounding area.

I am sure that someone will be along soon to advise. Have you looked through old forum posts as it's a question asked about on here quite a bit.

QTPieToo Sat 12-Jan-13 23:23:18


Yes, it is MOD "above" the school.

Check out King Edwards School, Monkton, Kingswood and Royal High School (although that is girls only - I haven't looked at it because I only have a boy). You really need to visit each of them and see what suits your daughter: but they are all rather good, in slightly different ways. KES (and I believe Kingswood) is academically selective (even for year 3) and you would need to see if they have places.

There are some good schools in Bath: St Mary's Bathwick, St Stephens (Lansdown), Widcombe Primary, Batheaston and a few others. BUT to get in can be very "competitive" (well, it comes down to where you live). So you would need to buy/rent close (or very close for St Mary's!) to your desired school. So having a private back-up is no bad thing.


Louellabella Thu 17-Jan-13 09:26:52

Thanks everyone.

We are going to KES on 7th March and will try to visit the Paragon and Royal High School the same week if we can.

I checked out the OFSTED reports on the state schools, and they are amazing, but the over-subscription rates is just diabolical!!

For state schools, do they also offer visits or open days?

Sorry, we live abroad and have no clue about how it all works in the UK.


Cashmere2013 Mon 11-Feb-13 10:44:38

The Paragon is great. My DD is there and she is v happy. They just seem to get it right - it's so much fun and brilliant education. Class sizes are small - and a great family feel to the school - we were made to feel welcome. Not sure what the buildings are you are seeing. The school is in acres of woodland, even though it is very close to town - and they use them for lessons.

TeaGinCakeBliss Tue 19-Feb-13 21:42:05

State schools - primary - do have open evenings but headmasters/deputy heads will take you around the school when classes are on if you're a prospective parent. You need to make the appointment a couple of weeks in advance.

Secondary schools - if you are interested - state - all have open evenings and open days.

The schooling in Bath is very good - private and state. The good state schools can have very tight catchment areas so meeting with the headmasters before you decide which location you want to live is recommended.

MrsSelfridge Wed 20-Feb-13 14:35:30

I pulled my child out of the Paragon a few years ago as the teaching & teachers were so appalling. New head tho since then so maybe better... KES is very academic & has a good reputation as does Royal High & Kingswood. Paragon, Monkton & Prior Park not as great imo..

JohnnyBarthes Thu 21-Feb-13 17:53:35

re state primaries, although it seems like you've got to live very close to a school to get a place, bear in mind that Bath is pretty small and so therefore so are the distances between the schools (if that makes sense!).

Also as you'll be applying (I assume) in year rather than for a place in Reception, the situation is quite different to that you'll have read about in the council's admissions booklets. If the school you like doesn't have a place, you can go on the waiting list. The nearer you live the higher you'll be up that list but the distances probably aren't as small as those quoted in the booklets. Obviously you're reliant on another child leaving that school to free up a place, but ime it does happen.

GooseyLoosey Wed 13-Mar-13 13:13:03

Louella - What did you think of KES and RHS? I have children at each so if you liked them and have any questions, happy to help.

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