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technoduck Tue 07-Feb-12 11:18:34

Hello, Im still new to Frome and would like to know of groups ect. I'm 13weeks and have found out about the bump and babes groups thats on at the cheese and grain. Does any one go to this group? Would love to get to know a few people around the area, have been here a few months but have kept myself locked away for a while. Would like to venture outside now and get myself out of this social rut!

kellestar Sat 11-Feb-12 17:21:49

really recommend the Bumps and Babes and the Great Expectations groups in Frome. Though I didn't go on the NCT Course, my friend has attended and found it a good experience for a first time mum. She often pops along to Great Expectations, she's due any minute and finds it a good place to chat about her pregnancy. I think there is a link in the directory to both groups, if that helps. I attend another NCT Bumps and Babes nearby and it was a lifesaver for me, first time mum with no mummy friends.

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