Warning if you have booked online with First Great Western since Dec 8th

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Bladud Wed 14-Nov-12 18:15:41

Thanks for posting this thread, I am due to purchase tickets, accross country with a rail card,so will keep an eye on what they charge me. I usually pay £24 return fare to Colchester.

WorstGreatWestern Sun 11-Dec-11 12:22:03

Just a word of warning to anyone who has booked train tickets on the First Great Western Website in the past few days, using a railcard - you have probably been seriously overcharged.

They relaunched their website on Thursday, and since then if you try to book a journey using the form on the home page, even if you input details of your railcard, the prices that come up do not include the railcard discount - but there is no way of telling that unless you know how much the journey should cost.

I told them about the problem on Friday and they still haven't fixed it.

I was booking a trip I have done many times before, so was shock when the tickets came up as double what I was expecting to pay (more than £260 rather than £130 or so). I found that if you use the advanced search option on the website, rather than the main booking form, it comes up with the correct prices, but I presume most people just use the obvious option on the home page.

If you have booked anything with a railcard in the last few days, go back and check the prices using advanced search, or call them instead.

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