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MogTheForgetfulCat Tue 22-Nov-11 20:23:47

I have friends living in Weston, their DC go to WASPS and they are all v happy with it, it seems to be a good school. I grew up in Weston (also went to WASPS!) and had a great time, lovely place to grow up.

LapsedPacifist - hasn't Oldfield School now gone co-ed?? I thought it had?

LapsedPacifist Sun 30-Oct-11 17:47:02

Hi there,

Weston has its own library and some shops and is right on the edge of Bath next to open countryside, so lots of good places for walks. Very convenient for the hospital. It is also on a direct bus route to Victoria Park, which has a fab children's playground! Bus into the centre of Bath takes around 15 minutes, and it's about 10 minutes by car, but traffic can get heavy along the Bristol Road. Can't really comment on primary schools or what the local community is like though, but everyone I know who lives there seems happy with the area!

Probably far too early for you to be concerned, but if you have a DS, be aware that there is only a secondary school for girls near you. there is no local provision for boys.

Newbridge is also nice (adjacent to Weston) , but more studenty and with fewer shops etc. Widcombe is lovely, quite central but ££££££££££!

aliceeve2 Fri 28-Oct-11 08:51:21

hello there
We're moving to Bath and I wondered what Weston was like. Is it a nice place to live? Good community? How easy is it to get to parks and the city centre? We have a 4 year old who will start reception next year and I think the school is pretty good. Is that right? Do people like the area in general. The alternative areas we're looking at are Newbridge and Widcombe but we've found a house in Weston so that's the most likely location.
Thanks for all help.

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