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OooShiney Fri 16-Sep-11 20:12:43

Hello lovely local mumsnetters, I've blasted through some of my notes on local P&T groups and added them in the local directory under clubs>parents and toddlers groups.

If any of you go to a group, would you mind adding it to the directory or addding a comment if it's already listed.

If it's all too much, just reply to this thread and let me know and I will update it for you!

OoooShiney Sun 03-Mar-13 19:04:08

re-igniting some of my older posts...

Am still happy to create the listings for you, just PM the details to me or add it to this thread.

I attend a lovely group that's a mix of bumps, babes and toddlers. It's parent focused, allowing the little ones access to toys whilst mums have a hot drink, biscuit and a chat. I love how informal it is. However I have been to some groups that are a bit hectic, over organised and just a whole stressful affair. Reviews help people make the first step to attending groups, so all are appreciated.

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