Is there somewhere nice to live not too far from the train station and with a good primary school?

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FGM Sat 23-Oct-10 09:19:06

We are waiting on a job offer that could mean a move to Bath. DH will need to commute to Swindon therefore we'd need to be in easy distance of Bath train station.

And my DD1 is due to start school next September- the applications need to be in by January!

I'm having a small panic about finding the right place to live...

Tigerbath Thu 08-Nov-12 22:46:14

Oops sorry everyone meant to post new thread will post it again

Tigerbath Thu 08-Nov-12 22:32:52

We are planning to move to bath in the summer, we have three Ds 's 12 10 and 7. One will go to bryanston and we need to find schools for the younger two. I am looking for a slightly quirky small ish school close to bath . We are planning to look at monkton coombe and prior park at the moment. Any help with this would be great. Thought we would live up to ten miles from bath but don't really think this would work anymore I think I would feel a little isolated. Now thinking max 3 miles away from bath. Help. Please.

Zazacat Tue 17-Jul-12 17:09:56

Ooops lost track of who asked what there! Widcombe is a flat quick walk to center, only a hill if you need to get to uni etc!

Zazacat Tue 17-Jul-12 17:06:08

Widcombe is much closer to Uni than Weston etc, although still a hill to get up! The Infants and Juniors are separate schools, and the Infants isn't a church school. The criteria changed recently for the Juniors (which IS a church school) so now once you're in the Infants, you pretty much automatically get a place in the juniors.

We love it here, close to town and the canal and countryside, and good community feel, but does make it rather pricey!

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Tue 10-Jul-12 10:28:47

Good grief I wouldn't want to cycle up to the Uni! People do (Olympic athletes probably) but they're far fitter than I grin

If you were Newbridge way you could get the bus (there's a service aimed at students and staff that runs from bath Spa University College to Bath Uni).

Mammalia Tue 10-Jul-12 10:20:05

Thanks JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar! And Malkuth indeed had some good advice!

I am surprised you can cycle from Weston/Newbridge to the University of Bath since it is on a hill, do you go along the river? Also why did you decide to avoid Odd Down and Southdown, Malkuth, because they are far away?

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Fri 06-Jul-12 15:01:04

grin @ "hilly" alice. Bath is hills basically! I don't think you can avoid them.

Have a look at Bathampton - you can cycle in and out of town along the canal from there. It has a primary (which I think is CofE but no church attendence requirement iirc - you'll have to check B&NES website though). Someone else mentioned it upthread.

The route from Weston or Newbridge would actually be pretty OK - as Malkuth says.

Mammalia Thu 28-Jun-12 19:04:40

aliceeve2 - where did you decide was a good area? I am in a similar position to you, from london etc.

aliceeve2 Wed 13-Jul-11 13:22:42

This thread is a little old but I am in a similar position moving from London to Bath in November. We're not constrained by commutability but similarly would love to be near a good primary without church going requirements (DS starts a year in September) with a good community close to amenities. Friends live in Weston and rave about WASPs but it is a bit of a hilly trek from the town centre and not very bike friendly. We'll be renting to start so the catchment area is probably the most important issue right now.
Any thoughts very welcomely received.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Thu 04-Nov-10 15:56:25

I don't think any of Bath's primaries are bad tbh. Several are rated Excellent by Ofsted. I seriously wouldn't lose out on a dream house because I wasn't 100% about the nearest primary, basically. Or at least not in Bath.

IMO Bath primaries are all quite different from each other - including the "Excellents" - so do take this into account. Batheaston Primary and St Stephens are like chalk and cheese for example. You really do need to visit them.

WRT Marshfield (and other villages to the East), it's in Wilts. St Marks is a consideration for secondary but there are also v.good schools in Chippenham and Corsham. If you're years away from thinking about secondaries though I wouldn't base any homebuying decisions on it - as Malkuth says they're all set to change.

jinglingsal Thu 04-Nov-10 14:57:27

Widcombe had a massively improved OFSTED report a few weeks ago - now classed as excellent.

MogTheForgetfulCat Sun 31-Oct-10 21:26:19

Widcombe is a church school, but know plenty of kids who got in easily whose parents don't attend church at all, so don't think it's like Bathwick or St Stephen's in that regard.

I went to KES, but only secondary from 15 (when we moved to Bath), and loved it. Have friends who have sent children to the pre-prep and thought it was great. Don't have any other info/views though. Do remember that people in my year at KES came from all over Somerset/Wilts, though, so if you're after community involvement etc and your DDs meeting and becoming friends with local children, I would imagine you'd be better off with a good loca school. Think the BANES website should have stats on it to let you know how far away from the school the furthest entrant in Reception this year was living - that should give you an idea of how close to the school it would be advisable to live in order to get a place.

SheikYerbouti Sat 30-Oct-10 13:34:44

In fact, the house next door to me is for sale

tis nice than mine inside though envy

SheikYerbouti Sat 30-Oct-10 13:31:07

I can personally recommend Newbridge as my DS1 goes there and loves it - we live a few doors down from it and it's a great area to live in.

HowAnnoying Sat 30-Oct-10 13:23:01

admissions website

You can apply online now for reception places in Bath. THe closing date is 15th January. There is no advantage to applying now or on 14th January. They will all be assessed after the closing date. You can also go and change your choices right up until the closing date if you change your minds.

My DS1 is starting reception in September, I am applying to St Johns a catholic school. My nearest school is Moorlands, but I will not be applying there, their Junior School is on Special Measures and they are increasing the numbers for 2011 reception from 60 to 90. I think it's pretty awful to do that to a school that is allready struggling, but it's a Tory council in Bath so they don't really give a shit.

Moorlands Junior might improve as they have changed headteachers, but I'm not going to test it out!

I think Widcombe might be a church school BTW.

Malkuth Sat 30-Oct-10 13:10:57

Marshfield is lovely but check which secondary it feeds into. It used to be St Mark's which is C of E, 11-16 and frankly not great! Not sure if that has changed as I seem to remember talk of it combining with St Gregory's, the Catholic 11-16 school on the other side of Bath.

Although the secondary system in Bath is about to change anyway with Culverhay closing and Oldfield going co-ed. Or that was what was happening last I heard!

FGM Sat 30-Oct-10 13:09:52

cross- posts-
will continue to search- but must go now and toddler-wrangle...

FGM Sat 30-Oct-10 13:08:55

Thanks Tracey, I'll look up the other schools you mentioned.
DH would be working in Swindon. We live in Cambridge at the moment and I'm very much at home in the city <albeit small>.
I'm really not sure if a smaller town or village would suit me. In all honesty I have no idea of Chippenham or Swindon so I could be terribly misjudging these places. Do elucidate me!

traceybath Sat 30-Oct-10 13:03:34

Just checked and its swindon he'll be commuting too - in that case it could be worth you looking at Marshfield. Nice village school, good sized village, community and 10 mins drive to chippenham train station which is about 10 mins to Swindon.

FGM Sat 30-Oct-10 13:02:18

Thanks TurnipLantern- much appreciated.

traceybath Sat 30-Oct-10 13:02:13

My DS is at Kingswood and we're very happy with it. Also hear good things about KES, Royal High and Paragon.

Rental market is good and there's a lot of property for sale as market so stagnant.

Have forgotten where your DH is commuting to but you could think of a village and then him commuting from Chippenham perhaps.

TurnipLantern Fri 29-Oct-10 22:55:21

State applications are not dealt with until they close. There's no benefit in applying early - although obviously I stuffed my own applications in as soon as I could. But honestly, nothing gets dealt with until the closing date.

I would try very hard to rent somewhere very close to Widcombe infants. It's a lovely school and Widcombe is a great community. If you message me your address I'll send you this week's property pages for you to contact the local rental agencies.

FGM Fri 29-Oct-10 21:29:43

Thanks for the responses; does any one have any experience/ opinions on the private schools mentioned?

To be honest we're treating private education as a last resort- particularly as our DDs are so young. I would much rather the girls attend a good community-based primary in a nice area, which is close enough to the station for DH's train commute.

I am, however, starting to get really worried as applications to primary schools open in 3 days time and it sounds like some of the nice state schools are more exclusive and tougher to get into than a private school.

And with the property market being rather flat we may never find a nice place.

Perhaps I needs reassurance that it'll be OK. This is the first time I'll have applied to a school for any of my DDs and I'm scared of adversely affecting their futures- I mean it's until they're 11 years old.

traceybath Fri 29-Oct-10 10:39:33

You'd be able to get into the private schools fairly easily - don't think there's too much of a waiting list for any of them at the moment.

The paragon would be good location as fairly central. King Edwards pre-prep is in Weston and Royal High and Kingswood are Lansdown - both areas walkable to town but more of a trek than Widcombe.

TurnipLantern Fri 29-Oct-10 10:31:20

Paragon is the junior school of Prior Park, just down the hill from it in Widcombe.

Monkton's pre-prep and prep are indeed in Combe Down. Class sizes in the pre-prep are very small, maybe less than ten, which is not ideal.

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