Any recommended cleaners in Whetstone?

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MsJuggler Tue 13-Oct-09 23:48:54

We need someone to do c 3 hours a week, should be someone reliable, trustworthy and efficient for both cleaning and ironing.

Any help appreciated!

aoifesmama Thu 15-Oct-09 21:48:01

Hi MsJuggler, my husband runs a small (one man!) cleaning business and we live in the Whetstone area.

He was a cleaning manager in a green flag hospital until DD was born 6 months ago when i wouldnt allow him he couldnt continue working 18 hour days!

He is enhanced CRB checked, has lots of good checkable references and works mainly for families after we advertised through NCT and word of mouth spread.

He does cleaning, ironing etc and charges £8.50 per hour. His email is or phone is 07521 539 782

MsJuggler Wed 21-Oct-09 09:49:58

That's great, many thanks for that, I'll give him a call

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