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beccaandalfie Fri 10-Apr-09 21:50:56


I live in Barnet and have a 16 month old who has persistant eczema and a whole load of allergies.

At times I find it very hard to cope - with the hospital visits, seeing my son in pain, trying to find solutions, trying to watch out all the time in case my son eats something that he shouldn't, thinking up new recipes, struggling with peoples reaction to my sons eczema. I find that subconsiously I distance myself from other mums as I am so paranoid about their reactions.

I would really like to set-up an opportunity for parents, carers and children to meet up and for myself and most importantly for my son to make some new friends - and of course to swap notes!

Would anyone be interested in meeting? Or perhaps point me in the direction of a group already set-up in the area.

Many thanks,

Rebecca x

RiceGrain Sat 07-Nov-09 14:50:08

Hi Rebecca

My son had a face eczema when he was still a little baby. We tried all creams prescribed by the GP and nothing seemed to have a long term healing effect.

Then I was stopped on the street while on a holiday abroad by a mum, who saw my baby's face and suggested we tried a cream specially prepared in a pharmacy. I had the cream made and have never parted from it ever since. The eczema healed within a week and has never come back. touch wood.
We live in N12 and happy to give you some to try it on on your son.


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