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ummadam Wed 01-Apr-09 11:35:55

Can anyone recommend a non-religion based toddler group in or around barnet that is drop in and on wednesday or friday?

I've looked at the councils's pages and even on netmums but all the ones I can find are either on a day that I work or are Jewish/Christian focused and I don't think I would feel that comfotable there even if i was welcome. sad

eastereggfeaster Sun 12-Apr-09 21:09:25

Is the Lyonsdown one non-religious?

I can empathise....just wait until you start looking for schools...Barnet's are very much faith school biased.

Maria2007 Mon 04-May-09 20:52:18

Am bumping because am very interested in finding more about non-religious toddler groups in Barnet. (Am moving to the area in a couple of weeks).


aoifesmama Wed 03-Jun-09 22:10:46

Bump again? Altho mine is a little bit smaller than a toddler (8 weeks!wink )

everymum Tue 23-Jun-09 17:40:00

Fortnightly Wednesdays there is an NCT coffee morning at the Arts Depot in North Finchley but not quite a toddler group. There is a soft play area that would be good for toddlers but people mostly attend with babies (up til about 18 months)
The only thing I know about on Fridays is Eeny Meeny Music in Hamsptead Garden Suburb which is really good but don't know any toddler groups. Will ask around but a lot of the church ones don't have any churchy agenda...

vicloumic Thu 25-Jun-09 02:12:32

brunswick park school in N11 have a drop in mother and toddler group funnily on a wednesday and a friday 9am - 11am.

minig Wed 18-Nov-09 21:06:03

What about the surestart centres? They are on very regularly, and are non faith based. There are a few around the area, I go to the one in Underhill school sometimes and its nice. A pound for a child.

St James' in New Barnet is nice too, although it's in a Church, it is not faith based. In fact, I think most of the onesin Churches are not religious, I've been to lots and at no point have had to say a prayer ;-)

I think the only semi-religious one is trinity tots.

Good luck!!

mummi2four Fri 03-Sep-10 13:10:12

hi all
st marks baby and toddler group is on in woodville road on a wednesday and we are not religous based i have set up the group with 2 friends we had to take on the name due to it being a community based group and being in the church hall.No link to the church at all apart from using their hall.
we are open
every wednesday including summer holidays 9.30-11.30 and also 12.00-2.00 pm
£1 per adult and £1 per child
no need to book just turn up any further info contact leanne 07939695165 or email
st marks hall
woodville road
new barnet
herts en5

Maria2007loveshersleep Fri 03-Sep-10 13:16:18

There's a few excellent & cheap toddler groups in St Judes at Hampstead Garden Suburb, on wednesdays 10-12 mornings (just 1 pound) & on friday mornings (music group for 4 pounds). They're both very good.

michelei Sun 08-Sep-13 10:23:32

Hi the St Marks playgroup is no longer running,

mummi2four Wed 25-Sep-13 20:54:13

sorry everyone stmarks toddler group is now closed
however lyonsdown toddler group is still very much open absolutely fantastic
every Wednesday 10-12 in term time
all children welcome 0-5 years
£1 per adult and £1 per child
and NO its not religious its completely separate to the trinity tots part of it the hall is hired independently by a fab group of volunteers smile
lyonsdown hall
3, lyonsdown road
new barnet

carolunwin Tue 09-Sep-14 16:13:23


I can confirm St James New Barnet is a great group and is free play from 10-12 on a Tuesday. Craft, wheeled toys, climbing frame, craft, and sometimes water and sand play, painting etc. A great place to make friends - and you won't be asked to say a prayer!


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