Wren Academy or Ashmole for 6th form? Please help

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Solly2408 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:42:50

Would really appreciate any advice/experience with Wren Academy or Ashmole. My daughter is finding it difficult to decide which one to choose. Wren can offer her the subject options she wants and she can do 3 subjects only but she doesn't like it because she has to wear a uniform she prefers Ashmole but she has to do 4 subjects and has to drop one that she wants to do. I personally prefer Wren. I think pastoral care is better and student will get better support than at Ashmole. If you are not very high achiever at Ashmole you don't get much attention. The only problem with Wren is that I don't know much about 6th form. I know they get very good results for GCSE but they have been doing 6th form just for 2 years and they don't publish their results by subject. Any info about the two school would be really helpful. We need to take a decision asap as the schools will start on Monday.
Many thanks

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