Housing in Barnet

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Mumchatting Tue 26-Jul-16 18:52:19

Hello Barnet mummies,
I hope you could help. I was allocated into barnet housing scheme last year and currently waiting for an accommodation offer.
We are in band 2.
Could anyone please tell me from your experience how long did you wait for the property in Barnet?
What's the average waiting time?
They absolutely don't provide any information when I ring them.
I feel so hopeless and in desperate need for accommodation.

Mumchatting Fri 12-Aug-16 23:54:15

Anyone please?

Runswithsquirrels Sat 13-Aug-16 16:42:13

I haven't used the scheme but from what I hear it takes forever. Barnet has very little social housing. They prefer people to rent privately bad claim housing benefit.

Runswithsquirrels Sat 13-Aug-16 16:44:12


Mumchatting Sat 13-Aug-16 23:18:39

Thanks for your reply. They seem to have very long waiting list as far as I know. It really seems forever.....

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