Martin primary School in East Finchley

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germanefficiency Wed 13-Jan-16 13:57:51

Hello all, went to have a tour around this school in London, N2 a few days ago.
They last had an Oftsed inspection in November 2011.

Have since hear that pparently the head changed last September 2015 (she had been deputy I believe, or at least already a member of staff within the school). She didn't mention this at the tour, as such.

The school has been judged outstanding by Ofsted and several families I have spoken to in and around the area, have rated it very highly indeed.

The children seemed engaged, happy, respectful and behaved tremendously well. Teachers seemed motivated, fair and kind.

Headteacher was ok - a little gushy perhaps, but rather cagey when she was asked by another parent about the school's falling KS2 SATs results, over the past few years.

At that point, perhaps she ought to have mentioned that she was a newish head too. All she said was "there is room for improvement, I suppose", but couldn't be prompted to say more.

I since had a look at the SATs myself and admittedly, they don't read well at all.

That said, they have fallen consistently since the outstanding Ofsted in 2011.

I can't understand why a school with such a great Ofsted and good reputation locally, could have worsening SATs 9though they picked up very little last year).

I want to send my chid here, but am now a little concerned there is something I haven't understood properly.

Any thoughts?

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