anyone interested in a coffee morning in mill hill east or finchley central?

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alicefixsen Tue 16-Jun-15 19:45:09

we've just moved to mill hill east (my daughter is 17 months old) and i want to start a local coffee morning so that some local mums can meet and chat and drink coffee (or tea) and eat biscuits and cake (or if the kids won't sit still, grab a coffee and go to a park). would anyone else be interested? i'm happy to have it at our flat (to save money), but i'd also be happy to meet at a local cafe (like the slate cafe or tintico, both in finchley central).
i'm free tuesday, wednesday and thursday mornings. please get in touch if you're interested. thanks

BarnetEnfieldEditor Thu 18-Jun-15 20:14:57

Hi alicefixsen, welcome to the talk boards on Mumsnet Barnet, and I hope someone will come along soon! I will tweet your request, too smile

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