Countdown to Christmas! Read on for the ultimate Christmas checklist!

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LocalEditorBarnet Mon 24-Nov-14 21:28:25

Well, when I say ultimate .... grin But while the list isn't exhaustive, I hope you find it a good starter for ten.

Don't forget to post with details of anything I've missed!

Things to start doing, um, now, actually!
•Write gift lift and set your budget
•Write (and post) xmas cards
•Order xmas tree and make note of collection date. Did you know Hollickwood Primary School in Muswell Hill is selling ethically sourced, non-drop Nordman Fir trees at discounted prices (starting at just £25 for a 3-4ft tree) -
•Write a food and drink shopping list
•Pre-order shop-bought items eg. xmas cakes; puddings; anything else fancy!
•Buy non-perishables (wine, nuts, gin, sweets, more wine .... !) so you can tick off your list and feel organised
•Secure a supermarket home delivery slot (they go quick!)
•Start gift shopping (and don't forget the gift wrap, tags and other bits and pieces)
•Wrap gifts as you go along (if you don't want to be up until 2am on Xmas day)
•If buying online, don't forget to shop using a cashback site (eg. I personally use kidstart)
•Post international xmas gifts and cards

W/c 1 December
•Put up your xmas tree (this is when you wished you'd pre-planned a colour/theme - so add that task further up list!)
•Book hair and beauty treatments so you look presentable for the big day. Why not visit our Offers page for a Mumsnet Barnet 10% discount at Kay and Kompany organic hair and beauty salon -

W/c 8 December
•Put up xmas decorations - inside and out (but don’t worry if you couldn’t wait and have done this already! grin
•Clean the house (check out our listings section here if you can’t bear thinking about doing it yourself -

W/c 15 December
•Produce a food preparation plan, complete with timings for cooking/preparing meals for the three days

W/c 22 December
•Buy fresh food (probably best to do the day before). Don’t forget the food for Santa and his reindeer wink
•Buy batteries. Lots of them. (We’ve all been there!)

Christmas Eve
•Pour yourself a tipple of your choice, sit back and marvel at how organised you’ve been this year! wine wink

redoctober Tue 25-Nov-14 11:39:02

This is great, thanks! I always forget to book a delivery slot and by the time I remember they are all gone sad.

On Christmas Eve, as well as enjoying a well earned glass of wine, I prepare all my food in the evening so that it's ready for cooking the next day.

LocalEditorBarnetEnfield Tue 25-Nov-14 20:13:41

Ah redoctober, a great tip about preparing food the night before!

Any more tips from anyone else reading?

LocalEditorHackney Tue 25-Nov-14 22:03:17

What an absolute gem of a list and some great tips too! One thing I'll definitely be doing this year is cooking christmas dinner on disposable foil trays so minimal washing up after.

LocalEditorBarnetEnfield Tue 25-Nov-14 23:24:59

Ah yes, foil trays. Now you're talking! BTW everyone, it's now 30 days until Christmas. I need to change the thread title, sorry!

LocalEditorBarnet Thu 11-Dec-14 13:29:09

It's all gone a bit quiet in here! I can only assume that everyone is busy getting organised for Christmas grin


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