Save ££ by buying your Nordman Fir xmas tree from Hollickwood Primary School!

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LocalEditorBarnet Mon 24-Nov-14 20:13:12

Get your Christmas tree from Hollickwood this year and help support the school in the process! We're selling ethically sourced, non-drop Nordman Fir trees at discounted prices (starting at just £25 for a 3-4ft tree) and the school gets a share of the profits. The trees are always beautiful, check out Trees for Christmas for more info.

Orders must be made (and paid for) at the school office by Thursday 27 November, trees collected on Friday 5 December (2-6pm). Just fill out an order form at the office.

We're taking orders from anyone who can collect from Hollickwood Primary School, so please also tell your family and friends if they're local.

Thank you.
Chair, FoH (Friends of Hollickwood)

LocalEditorBarnet Mon 24-Nov-14 20:17:52

Hollickwood Primary School contact details as follows:

Sydney Road
Muswell Hill
N10 2NL
Phone: 020 8883 6880
Fax: 020 8815 9636

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