Cat invasion - who can give one of our 12(!) cats a new home

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EvaM Sat 22-Feb-14 16:41:18

Hi cat lovers,

a, what seems to be, blissfully romantic affair on the side of Mother Cat, we are currently sharing living space with 12 adorable kittens/ young cats.

A few have gone on to new loving families, but hopefully mumsnet can help us to reduce the pride to a more manageable number.

Here is the gang:

Harry (m, 2yo, tabby) is affectionate, playful and (imo) the cutest of them all. He likes his comfort and can usually be found on a radiator. Probably wouldn't mind one bit, if you didn't have a garden. grin

Hector (m, 2yo, grey) is an extremely intelligent cat and an amazing communicator and looks out for the younger cats. He can be a bit impulsive and has lots of energy (def an outdoorsy cat). He likes exploring outdoors and cuddling up with one of his brothers or sisters.

Paris (m,18m, grey) is a gorgeous, strong-willed eternal baby with a heart of gold. Best moment: when he leaps into your hands after you return from work.

Matilda (f, 18m, black and white/ tabby mix) is independent and a strong-willed girl with occasional bouts of affection. She is happy on her own, and would easily fit in to a household where everyone is out during the day.

There are 5 8-month old unnamed kittens.

2 black and white toms who are very adventurous and playful.

2 tabby females and one tabby male who are very cuddly and sociable.

We are based in Finchley, North London. Should you be interested in our furry gang, please let me know.

Mogz Sun 23-Feb-14 11:02:16

Hi EvaM I know a few people on your area that might be looking for a cat or two, do you have an email address that I could pass on?

EvaM Sun 23-Feb-14 12:52:07

I've pm'ed you my e-mail.

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