Help improve pedestrian safety in Barnet!

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BarnetWalkSafeMum Fri 07-Feb-14 17:17:51

Hello fellow Barnet mums!

Residents have just launched a campaign to improve pedestrian safety on Victoria road EN4 in New Barnet. Please help by signing our petition. It takes 2 minutes and may save a life!

Please spread the word (we need 2000 signatures so a way to go!) and you can also like us on Facebook at:

We are hoping that by starting with this dangerous yet densely residential road, this campaign will be the catalyst for change that we so desperately need in our local community. So please sign if you support even if you don't know this particular road. There are many others in Barnet with similar issues ...

The road and pavements are exceptionally narrow yet cars speed along and frequently vehicles mount the curb to pass, often travelling along the pavement for a distance at speed. There is also a problem with big trucks which use the road as a cut through and actually drive along pavements while they are being used by pedestrians. Meanwhile Victoria Road is a densely residential street and a route to a community centre (which hosts breakfast and after school clubs, services for the elderly etc), Livingstone School, St margarets Nursery, Nightingales nursery, Danegrove school, Cromer Road school, JCOSS and Victoria Park.

We are very worried that it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident and hope that the Council will take action before this happens. So, we are campaigning for an enforced 20mph speed limit and appealing to the Council to consider other measures e.g. a safe place to cross.

Thank you for your support!

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