I need your help for a local project in Kenya, Africa.

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Triplep Fri 02-Aug-13 00:29:12

After shying away for several years, I've decided to take the bulls by the horns and start looking for learning resources for a school in Kenya. As this is my first project and I shall cross each step as I get to it, I must say it is a bit daunting, frightening but most of all, challenging. I had started this project in 2007 but due to my own personal problems, I did not continue with it. I am now in a good frame of mind and need something to motivate me, hence picking up this abandoned project.

I am requesting for donations of used but in good condition, plimsolls, rucksacks, pencil pouches, rulers and sharpeners. I am also desperately seeking the old Bookstart bags that were discontinued because they are durable for the project I have in mind. These Bookstart bags would be for the Early Years Foundation Stage (which is the nursery stage there) and the rucksacks would be for the Key Stage 1 and 2 (which is Standard 1 to 8) who will have reading books and shoes put in those bags.

Kindly support my project and I am able to collect any donations however small. Looking on the bright side, I have five wonderful weeks of collating, advertising, requesting, name it before schools open so happy days!! Whatever help or support you can give me, it will be invaluable.

Thanks once again and should anyone wish to get in touch with me personally, my email is pascaliapp@yahoo.com

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