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Barnetbiddy Thu 01-Aug-13 14:35:34

I'm planning a Secret Postcard Sale in order to raise funds for Age UK Barnet.

I'd be really grateful if people would donate a postcard with a drawing, doodle, painting, collage or photograph on the front, and sign the back. These will then be sold as part of the North Finchley Christmas Festival.

Buyers purchase the cards without knowing for certain who the artist is, although there is a list of contributors available. This means it is partly an art sale and partly a raffle, because they may have spotted the card by a famous artist or celebrity.

So far I have had cards promised by Annie Lennox, Zandra Rhodes, Sophie Thompson, Richard Lumsden, Saracens Rugby club, Sir Chris Hoy, Jeremy Hardy, David Schneider and lots of great artists/ photographers/ architects too like Simon C Roberts, Robert D Phillips, Simone Lia, Hari and Jake, Magnus Irvin, Raoul Martinez, Prof Dana Arnold, Oliver van der Breggen, Sarah Bridgland and Chris Hampson.

Closing date for cards is 5 November. They can be 6x4 or 7x5. Please send them to Age UK Barnet c/o Julia Hines, 37 Briarfield Ave, N3 2LG.

Thank you.

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