Advice/experience on Asquith Hendon Day Nursery?

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twinkywinkie Wed 26-Jun-13 13:20:54

Hello, I'm looking for advice/first hand experice on one of the 2 Asquith branches in Hendon, the one close to the Hendon tube station called Hendon Day Nursery.
I'm wondering whether or not to register my LO to go there once he is 1yo. I met the manager and she seemed organised and nice and I know there is a 2011 Ofsted report rating it outstanding, but after visiting I have had a bad gut feeling and didn't find it exactly what I would imagine an outstanding nursery to be. The place looked a bit "sad" and the children in the baby room particularly unsettled.
What worries me the most is the lack of parent webcams, the lack of hygiene due to carpet on the baby room floor (rather than a wipe able flooring) and the fact that in the baby room there is more babies than cots. Some babies will sleep on the floor in the room?? I also got the impression that other than one carer who had been there a few years, the other 2-3 carers seem to keep changing.
Last but still bugging me, in the 2011 ofsted report there is mention of a freestanding electric heater in the toddler room that needs removed as it is an hazard. Well in spring 2013 it was still there!
Anyone has any first hand experience at this nursery? If you are/were a parent at this nursery how did you find it, in particular the baby and toddler rooms?

Thanks for sharing your experience

Ellis4 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:24:52

Ok so not first hand but I know a few people who use it or used it. Two people love it and say it is v organised. These places do generally have a high staff turnover. It is better than the other Hendon one cos it has a sep baby sleeping room.
Very expensive imo and I hear fines are hefty even if u r a minute late picking up but check that out. I would have gone for it myself but they only do full days. Thought the manager knew her stuff.

twinkywinkie Thu 27-Jun-13 21:24:54

Thank you that's helpful. I know it's expensive hmm but must be because they basically have no competitors in Hendon

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