Is it possible to buy a 3 bedroom property in Barnet for £250000 or less?

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BlaBlaBlaBla Sun 30-Jun-13 23:16:14

Thanks blumbry would def have an ex council house if in a decent estate. We have had our offer on a two double bedroom place accepted, will trade up to a 3 bed in a couple of years when (if!!) a 3rd child comes along. Ellis yes have seen things further out would consider a new area though there seem to be some cheaper places around New Barnet.

blumbry Tue 25-Jun-13 11:43:24

some ex-council houses might go for that price. And some are quite nice!

Ellis4 Mon 24-Jun-13 14:04:06

Have you looked on property websites like Right move? You can then get an idea for your specific area. I think though the honest answer is no. You may get something further out but not too far away.

BlaBlaBlaBla Fri 21-Jun-13 08:11:35

That's it really. Love Barnet area as grew up here. Have two DDs and would like a third (or even a fourth!!) DC. Wondered if we would have to move out of the area to get a three bedroom house. The alternative is staying here and buying a 2 double bedroom place and squeezing in!!! Any ideas?

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