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Fuchi Wed 03-Apr-13 20:13:57

We live in a flat in Finsbury park and are considering moving to a house in Finchley. We desperatley want more space, but are a little scared of moving further out. Has any one made this move? The house we are most interested in is on Rosemary Avenue, just off Squires Lane. Any thoughts on that particular area would be really welcome, and in general anyone with similar experiences. Thanks v much.

eddymay1927 Sat 20-Apr-13 22:08:43

Hello, we left a property off Stroud Green Road in 2006 to move into a house near the David Lloyd Centre in North Finchley. Our first born goes to a school in East End Road and we travel past Rosemary Av daily. I can honestly say that prior to the move it seemed like I was going to another time zone but now I absolutely love it. Rosemary Av seems like a nice area. It is close to Avenue House which has a play area in its grounds that the kids love and the house itself caters for a variety of social events.

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