Getting back into shape at home after baby?

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annabelbarnet Wed 23-Jan-13 15:48:24

Hi! I moved to Barnet last year shortly before having my second dd. Now that we are all getting settled into a routine I have started to think about shedding some of the many pounds I put on!!! I previously lived in Scotland and after having my son, I had a personal trainer a couple of times a week who was a miracle worker, and was wondering if anyone can recommend anyone who might be able to do the same this time round? I don't have time to go to the gym as am home with the kiddies during the day, but think an hour here at home in the evening would work very well! (my husband works quite late!)
Thanks very much ladies!!!!!!

jaylong Thu 24-Jan-13 13:28:42

Hi and welcome to Barnet! I know what you mean!! I try to get to the gym in the evenings when my husband gets home but I am just too exhausted, so I have just resorted to doing DVD workouts a couple of mornings a week when the baby is asleep (and I have the time and energy!). Interested to see if you get any good suggestions though, since I was speaking to a couple of friends of mine the other day and we said we might look into personal training and do it together to make it a bit cheaper.. In the meantime if we do get hold of someone I will let you know once tried and tested! smile

Barnetter Thu 24-Jan-13 22:22:56

Hello, I'm the Editor for Mumsnet Barnet - welcome to the area and our lovely site. Have you looked at the Fitness and Wellbeing section here? I've put a link below, there's a range of stuff there, with at least two personal trainers. If you do find someone you like or use one of the listed ones, it would be great if you could add the info to the site and help us build up the info we have. Good luck with it, I'm on the same campaing at the moment! I'll add some reveiws of the ones I've visited. Fitness link here ...

annabelbarnet Mon 28-Jan-13 20:27:36

Hello and thank you! I saw this yesterday, don't know how I missed that section! Anyway, I met someone at toddler group the other day who got given some personal kickboxing lessons for Christmas and she can't stop raving about it, so I had a go yesterday and OUCH! I feel like I have worked every muscle in my body but I feel gooood! smile I added his details to the section earlier today: 1to1kickboxing, and have since then updated with some bits he emailed me, not sure if thats the way to go about it..? Maybe have a look and let me know? Never thought I would go down the kickboxing route, and I was a bit apprehensive, but its not hard at all, but loads of fun, and a great workout for your those post-baby areas that need the most work (tum and bum!). Going to do it twice a week, will update in a couple of weeks with hopefully magical results.... smile

Barnetter Mon 28-Jan-13 22:39:44

Oh good, glad you found someone, and thanks for adding the kickboxing. I used to boxercize and was hard but super effective! If you like your trainer, do add a review, people love to read recommendations and it's the right time of year for fitness activities. If you have any probs you could just email me at but I keep an eye on the boards too. Good luck with getting fit!!

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