Mother Artist seeking collaborator mamas

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picturemakingmama Tue 27-Nov-12 15:12:01

Mother Artist seeking collaborator mamas

Hi there, I?m Eti, an artist whose main area of practice is to do with motherhood and I?m making artwork, mainly using photography and video that tries to show mothering and motherhood as a rich multifaceted journey, involving pleasure and pain, happiness, sadness, anger, desperation etc. I feel it is important to make work that acknowledges aspects of mothering no one dares talk about, the sheer drudgery, resentment, boredom and the occasional desire to run away from it all ;-).

I?m looking for mothers of young children (ages birth up to 5) who would be happy to meet with me to talk candidly about their personal insights and experiences. I have a couple of projects in mind and I am looking for collaborators. It might involve being photographed and / or videoed but at this stage I?m just looking to meet and chat and see if we have a meeting of minds and can be comfortable working together.

You can have a look at some of my work on my website I?m also a university teacher, heading the MA in Photography at the university of UWL and am working on a PhD on the subject of motherhood and representation in contemporary art.

Please don?t hesitate to get in touch via email on or on 07872938015. I?d be happy to answer questions via email, phone, skype or over a cup of coffee at your place, mine or at your favourite coffee shop.

I have three children myself, all boys aged 19, 12 and 3 and I live in East Finchley

SmartAboutArt Fri 01-Mar-13 12:36:36

Hi Eti, we have some upcoming webinars that you might be interested in, we also have a members network where you could potentially meet collaborators

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