Advice wanted: Flatshare for childminding?

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EvaM Fri 17-Aug-12 21:20:23


I would ideally like advice from families who have done this or considering.

I am a self-employed German tutor with au pairing experience. Due to some sudden changes in my personal life I really need to downgrade my living costs. One of the things I have considered is renting a room in a family home and offering about 10 hours of childminding (and/or tuition), homework help, help with housework...

As I mentioned above I have worked as an au pair before and enjoyed working with children and staying in a family environment immensely but felt cabin fever coming towards the end.

I feel that an arrangement like this would benefit families with a stay at home parent or excisting child care arrengements in place who would like the flexibility of having 'another pair of hands' in the house.

I have advertised on gumtree already and didn't get the responses I was hoping for.

I am mainly looking for advice on:
-Are there better places to advertise than gumtree?
-How to minimise 'creepy' responses?
-Is it a good idea to add a picture? (I feel that increases the amount of creepy people)
-What would be your expectations of a lodger/babysitter?
-What would be any potential dealbreakers?
-I would be grateful, if you could take a look at my advert and give me some feedback.

Thank you for reading through this and thanks for your help,


EvaM Fri 17-Aug-12 21:24:09

This is a copy of a thread I put on general MN. (apologies for being slightly cheekythanks)

North London is my preferred area so as well as advice feel free to bring any interested people my way grin

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