Anyone know of a good babysitter in Mill Hill?

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newexperiencesbaby Sat 17-Mar-12 00:38:48

Hello ladies,

i've been living in Mill Hill for the ast 2 years since having my baby girl. I'm a single arent and find it incredibly hard to find help with a babysitter. I currently rely on my mother during the week who's based in Wembley, however, I haven't had a day/night to myself since last year as she also needs her weekends to recoup.

i would eventually also need someone to collect my baby girl after school next year when she starts primary....

help anyone please?

thank you

ertje Wed 05-Sep-12 17:04:56

My 15 year old daughter (yr 11 MHCHS) is looking to babysit. She has lots of experience handling little ones as she helps me on a Saturday at my ballet school in Hampstead. We live in Mill Hill. Let me know if this is of interest to you & will give you our tel number.

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