MACE Montessori North Finchley

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MadebyNatalie Wed 21-Nov-12 10:26:04

Hi...I've just noticed your post. My son started in July, he is in the pre-school room and it is the best nursery that he has ever attended. He has been to a total of three nurseries; the first of which was amazing, the second was not as good, but he only attended for 15 hours per week, Mace Montessori takes things to the next level. My son's development has come on in leaps and bounds and I really couldn't praise the nursery highly enough. It will be sad when he goes to school.

PrincessPrecious Mon 12-Mar-12 19:02:52

Does anyone send their DC here? Was thinking of applying for the free 15 hours for when my DD is 3 (she is only 11 mths at the moment so maybe it's a bit early to be thinking about it!!). Has anyone else sent their DC here? How soon would I need to apply for the free 15 hours?

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