Primary schools in Barnet (particularly Cromer) - 2012 update?

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IloveDMs Wed 01-Aug-12 22:54:32

@jf268 -Both of mine went to Underhill and loved it. The head is fantastic and her teaching staff are excellent. Our children were very happy and loved every minute. The children are all treated as individuals, which we really liked. I'd love to know what how your DS gets on.

jf268 Mon 18-Jun-12 21:08:35

It's a nightmare isn't it? We got the keys to our new house today (yayy!) & despite barnet council telling me they couldn't offer my son a place (primary, meant to start in sept) until they had proof via council tax & utility bills, we had s letter today offering underhill. Not one if our six choices but there seems to be little choice of 'outstanding' schools if you aren't c of e or catholic. I'm actually just pleased he got a place as was beginning to worry lots! Good luck with Foulds - Christ church have some community places too.

poperdypop Thu 03-May-12 20:06:38

Hi, me again from that other thread.

Im in the same position as you, we are looking to buy a house in Foulds catchment area but this year people living two streets away from the school in Puller Road didn't get in because there were 29 siblings! Its very annoying and you just cant tell from one year to the next. I've heard good things about Underhill, Whittings and Cromer Road though so the second choices cant be that bad.

Zzanne Thu 19-Apr-12 16:56:11

Um, are you not supposed to sign off with your name?? Why not? New to this, so not up on the ins and outs of internet etiquette on Mumsnet. Just thought it was nice to be myself. I haven't got anything to hide!

mirry2 Sat 14-Apr-12 08:17:17

OP Why are you signing off with your name? Not very mumsnetter.

Zzanne Sat 14-Apr-12 08:06:22

Thanks for your reply - we ended up ditching house #1 for various reasons and have moved on to house #2 (as is the way of property!). It's in the catchment area for Foulds, but I understands it's generally very oversubscribed, so we could end up sending ours to Underhill or Cromer after all if we don't get in! Cheers x Suzanne

Isaro Fri 09-Mar-12 22:04:53

Hi-My two girls go to Cromer Road School and are extremely happy there, they always want to go to school. They have had some great teachers and made lovely friends. I have always felt welcomed as a parent and have met many other like-minded parents there. I know the last Ofsted was not good but many parents feel it presented an inaccurate picture of the school. I really hope the next Ofsted reflects what a positive place it is. I would suggest you do try to visit, if you can, and then you will get a feel for it. X

Zzanne Wed 29-Feb-12 15:31:52

Hiya - I was wondering if anyone had any up to date information on Cromer Road Primary school in Barnet? We've put an offer on a house, thinking it was in Foulds catchment area, but the border for the catchment finishes practically across the street from it! Theoretically we could still try Foulds, but it is VERY oversubscribed. I called them yesterday and it was over 200 applications this year for 17 places. Plus we have twins, so it's pretty stacked against us if we're not technically in the catchment. Cromers Ofsted from 2008 is bad. Underhill seems ok, but is quite far from where we plan to live. I also called Cromer and they're having a new Ofsted this week, however we need to exchange on our house on Monday! We really don't know what to do... If anyone has children who attend this school or knows anyone who does, any information at all would be greatly appreciated! I expect after getting such a bad report in 2008, they must have made some improvements.... Thanks so much. Suzanne

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