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zeered Tue 18-Oct-11 14:12:34

We are currently living in Crouch End and may be moving to the Barnet area soon. My son is due to start school next Sept as he turned 3 in Aug so need to reasearch good primary schools. He does have a statement of special needs for allergy so we just need to find him a caring, good school. Unfortunately I don't have any family/friends in the area so besides reading ofsted reports, I am pretty clueless. Would appreciate any local mums input!

We have seen a property close to Grasvenor school which seems tiny and looks sweet but would love to hear any feedback.

Thanks very much in advance x

CaurnieBred Tue 18-Oct-11 14:24:10

Our DD is there. It is a fabulous school (the smallest in London with only 3 classes: YrR, Y1 & Y2) - the pastoral care for the children and families is second to none. All the staff are very dedicated and the children are confident and happy. The head is very interactive and open: the children call him by his first name and just adore him: he has an open door policy and the children just pop in and see him whenever they want/need to (I can't even remember ever speaking to my primary school headteacher!).

The children themselves are very proud to be in the school. They look forward to being in Year 2 and being the "older ones" before heading off to junior school (it feeds into Underhill which is a much improved school and has just had a "Good" in its recent OFSTED). The chidren get given a lot of responsibility (if they want it) - eg, at Praise assembly, it is 2 of the Year 1 children that play happy birthday on the piano whenever it is someone's birthday; 2 of the Year 2 children are in charge of the iPod. This may seem like little things but the children really respond to it.

We now have chickens as well (which finally started laying about 10 days ago). The children have watched them from hatching stage all the way through and just love them.

CaurnieBred Tue 18-Oct-11 14:25:56

There is a new website dedicated to schools around Barnet and South Herts which might provide you with a bit more info too:

CaurnieBred Tue 18-Oct-11 14:26:11 - aargh, with link activated

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