Recommendations for a party enterainer children (1-3)

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Kdns Tue 17-May-11 15:13:45

Can anyone recomend a party entertainer for my 3 year old to be. We'll have children from 1-3. It's in two weeks time and I've left it all to the last minute!
Ideally we're looking for someone to come to our home or if anyone has tried Avenue House, please let us know.

We're considering both options.

pecanpie Wed 18-May-11 07:33:05

Just wrote a huge message but then it disappeared, so here's the short version.

For 30 mins of kids music, puppets, bubbles, parachute call Tricky Vicky - details at!/group.php?gid=14519055346
Top up by putting out toys to play with beforehand (20 mins or so) and pass the parcel afterwards. Costs around £100 from what friends have said. Bear in mind she's not the best singer but kids love all the visual bits and the songs. Great as well ifyou have some younger kids. Likely to be booked up, but if you can be flexible with the time, it may work out.

Mr Marvel may be for slightly older children but my friend used another magician at the weekend and her little one who is 2.5 was in love with him! I recommend Mr Marvel having seen one of their entertainers (a young guy - highly recommend) at another friends party and because they have a number of entertainers so you could get lucky at short notice. Don't have details but easy to find in Google.

If you're brave, you could set up arts and crafts - things to make and do indoors or playdoh, paint, colouring outdoors if good weather is predicted. Seriously last minute option unless you do find a room at Avenue House or elsewhere. Worth calling around church halls which might be a cheaper option. Materials can be purchased for under £50 esp if you have the big birthday voucher from ELC.

Octopusmum Sat 05-May-12 20:17:45

is mr marvel a bit like mr tumble on tv? my 2yr old been invited to a party with mr marvel but he hates loud noises

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