Decent takeaways in High Barnet

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RLHLW Fri 25-Feb-11 09:50:44


Can anyone please highly recommend a variety of takeaway places in High Barnet please? All types of cuisince! :-D

(Or even which ones aren't that great?)


pickcherries Sat 26-Feb-11 10:28:00

shapla by barent church is lovely!! (indian)

IloveDMs Wed 16-Mar-11 21:38:14

Emchai, near the church. Fabulous food. Great service. But you have to collect it. Also Surichi is very nice too.

Sunrise44 Mon 24-Oct-11 14:44:43

Shapla is a great Indian takeaway (and restaurant) and Loon Wah (85 Wood St) is a tasty Chinese takeaway. They'll pretty much do any meal you want if you ask them :-)

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