any jewish baby/toddler groups n3

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ahava Mon 19-Jul-10 09:33:48

My 7mnt old cannot sit up yet, but would love to take her to a baby/toddler group jewish /israeli no matter. We do have nap times on schedule both her and me lol... Please let me know . I know one is connected to a synagoggue but haven't joined as yet

smallbluestar Thu 22-Jul-10 14:26:25

Hi there
I work for the JCC (Jewish Community Centre for London) and we're developing programmes for babies and toddlers. go to and sign up to our mailing list for more info.

shirley123 Mon 09-Aug-10 05:18:26

Hi there,

My little one, was at Miri's nursery until just recently, she is just turning 27 months, I know she can take from 10 months (ish) - it is jewish/isreali nursery and Annabelle loved it, I've only moved her now because the older children are moving off and miri has a younger group.

I'm expecting my next one in Feb and will probably put it with Miri when it's old enough too, she has been amazing.

Let me know if you want the contact details.


shirley123 Mon 09-Aug-10 05:19:08

PS, Miri is in NW4 just across the road from Hendon Lane so v close to N3.

redrosa Tue 10-Aug-10 10:48:48

lovely lovely friday morning playgroup at muswell hill synagogue on Tetherdown. 10am to Will start again in September. My girls have just finished going there as they are now starting pre-school, but have been there almost every Friday for the past two years and they have loved it. Very friendly too.

ahava Tue 06-Sep-11 23:18:54

shirley, i picked up your message about a year later lol. Thank you for telling me about MIRIs as i am still in the same situation as i was when my daughter was 6months omg. She is 22months now. Why i didnt come back to mumsnet is beyond me.

I will ring them tomorrrow x

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