Passport photo for 1year old

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ElMilagro2 Thu 16-Feb-12 14:43:34

Hi fellow mums,

I need to apply for my daughter's passport. Unfortunately I can't find a photo studio in barking that can take her passport photo.All the studios
I have contacted said they only take passport photos of kids aged from 5yrs upwards.
Grateful if anyone could point me the direction of a photo studio in barking or dagenham that provides that service for young children.

Daddyblog Thu 16-Feb-12 15:59:22

Not sure if this'll help but... with DS1 we just did his photo in one of the traditional photobooths. I had to almost lie down in the bottom of the booth, holding him up; whilst DW pressed the "take photo" button which most modern booths now have.

You get a few minutes to have a few cracks before you choose the photo. So long as your hands aren't in the photo and he/she is looking vaguely at the camera (eyes must be open) you're ok for passport photos.

DS1's is toooooooo cute - and all the more special for the amusing story behind taking it!

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