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Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:51:36

hi, i'm moving to aberdeen in august and am 8weeks pregnant. anyone else about who is preggers too?

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 00:12:44

bit more scared now. have told boss and have day off tomorrow to go to the doctors...wish me luck ladies!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 08:59:23

Aww Silly I really hope everything is okay. Can you not get an appt any sooner or spreak to your Early Pregnancy Unit? Thinking of you.

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 09:01:35

Sorry, read that as having an appt tomorrow, as in Thursday, but just noticed you posted late last night. Hope your doctor can get you over for an early scan today.

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 12:43:16

yea, all is well! went to EPU and had early scan baby is actually 7weeks tomorrow, not as far along as i thought! they seem to be dating it straight from conception now!

she said the blood must have been a warning to stop doing so much! fine by me...i'm quite happy to just sit on my bum now! DH is already doing all the cooking, cat litter, packing for the move and any cleaning which involves effort or fumes! (i still do some dishes!)

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 14:09:53

Yay! I'm so chuffed for you silly! I've just logged on sneakily during kids' naps to see if you'd come back - so glad everything is okay. You'll be amazed in the difference between this scan and your 12wk one. DD was 1.87mm at our early scan (8+2) and was almost 9cm at only 4wks later (12+5)! I second the 'take it easy' advice and if a medical professional is telling you that too, then you have to do it! grin

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 15:25:53

Thanks LNT! gosh what's it like being pregnant while still looking after little ones?

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 16:59:41

Hi there,

I have also just moved up from London and am 19 weeks pregnant. I would love to meet up for a coffee if anyone is up for it as it is a bit wierd having moved up here not knowing anyone! Can anyone suggest some good places to go to meet people. I have looked about and a lot of the clubs and groups are for people that already have kids.



Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 17:04:19

Hi Silly,

just saw your message about Early scan etc. Happened to me too and had really bad pains in one side, but all was ok after scan. Scarey tho isn't it. Hope all is ok now


Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 18:04:10

Hey, nice to meet you Karen! Congrats on your pregnancy too!

I arrive on the 2nd August so should we meet end of that week?

Has Ineed deserted us?

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:21:23

Ooh! Week commencing 2nd August sounds good to me, I'm off for a fortnight from then so am free to meet up whenever anyone else is free! Plus, my scan is on the 2nd so will have proper confirmation that DC2 exists! Seriously, I felt like this last time too, like I was stringing everyone along! No-one's actually tested to make sure that I'm pregnant apart from me!

It's not too bad silly, as long as I keep busy I don't notice how tired I am! All being well, I plan to finish the pre-schoolers at Christmas but keep the before and after school kids on until the end of Jan. Then will hopefully exist on MA until August!

Hi Karen! <<waves>> I found that meeting people after DD was born wasn't a problem, but I didn't really know many people in my area up until my antenatal classes, although I had friends in Aberdeen, just not in the Shire where I moved to. I think the NCT do a 'Bumps and Babies' class in the city centre during the week - I'd check their website as a starting place. I've never been to one though, so not sure what the set-up is like.

Not sure where Ineed is, come back if you're lurking!! grin

Oh, and I forgot to say to you yesterday medee, a girl on my post-natal thread swears by White Magnum ice-creams for heartburn!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:21:59

I promise one day that I will post a 2-line message! grin

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 18:35:11

Hi there,

the end of that week is good for me, the Thursday or Friday would be best as I am not sure what I am doing any earlier in the week.

My fiancee and I are starting up a business at the moment, and I am his chief driver at the moment. On the Thursday and Friday he is in the same place all day, so I can drop him off and be free.

LittleNutTree, you are the most local here, can you suggest somewhere? It will be really good to meet you.

Silly, good luck with all the packing and the moving - don't lift anything, I discovered why pregnant women should not lift when I moved here and packed my own car and then could not move for 3 days and I was about 10 weeks gone then.

Look forward to it

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 18:54:35

Thursday and Friday are good for me too. I'll have a think about where's best. Should probably be city centre to keep my direction giving to a minimum, I'm rubbish!

medee, please feel free to jump in with a suggestion too!

Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:12:15

Hello - I like the ice cream tip, the heartburn hasn't come back, but I almost wish it would.

I'm working that week, so would need to be evening, but what about the night of the Thursday 5th. Probably a coffee type place rather than a pub? I'm trying to think what's open late.

And welcome to Aberdeen, Karen.

Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:14:11

oh, and glad your scare has passed, Silly!

Karen4007 Wed 14-Jul-10 21:19:11

Hi there,

I am not sure that I could make an evening but let me know what you come up with and I will see what I can do.

Thanks Medee for your kind welcome. It is nice to be talking to some locals with a month of just my parents and other half.


Medee Wed 14-Jul-10 21:31:01

ah, if I am the only one working, then just make it daytime, and if you get on and organise another one I'll come along then. I'm the least pregnant anyway!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 22:35:58

Aww, but still important medee! grin

If it was a Thurs evening, it's late night shopping so think most places would be open in the evening anyway? Union Square has a Starbucks and is open late, or at least until 8pm every night I think. Or what about a Saturday? Just to throw a spanner in the works!

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 22:36:18

ADDICTED to white magnams!!!!!!!

(no heartburn though...just greed!)

my husband is laughing at me, saying i've got a playdate....jealous!

Sillyness Wed 14-Jul-10 22:37:09

i can do anytime!!!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 22:42:32

lol silly! Don't know if there's a Dadsnet Local site he could maybe use if he feels left out!! grin

I can do anytime too, so we just have to organise medee and Karen and then it's all go - oh, and Ineed too if she fancies!

bakingtray Wed 14-Jul-10 23:01:46

Hi. Reading through the thread and wanted to let you know that I had a baby in Feb at Aberdeen Maternity. It was my 5th (big gap, 2nd marriage blah blah blah!) Anyway the midwives at AMH were fantastic. I had someone with me and husband for the full 13 hours labouring in hospital and absolutely no pressure on when to leave despite local midwife saying I should leave within 6 hours. However AMH no longer do tours of unit which I would have liked as I'd never been there before. Enjoy Aberdeen!

LittleNutTree Wed 14-Jul-10 23:08:39

Hi bakingtray, thanks for that! I would agree that the staff were great (despite being in short supply!) and I had a really positive experience too. I was in for 4 days after the birth of my DD and also felt no pressure to leave, they didn't even mention it until I asked when I'd be likely get home, after I'd been there 3days. I did go on a tour, but to be honest, they could have just shown me the door to bang on to get at the gas & air and I'd have been happy!

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 15-Jul-10 09:37:58

No Silly i'm still here just not getting as much chance to sit down and type anything out between bickering kids on school holidays, trying to get used to DH being back at work and me going it alone with all 3 kids and feeding my new little man not to mention the 2 weeks of ironing taking over the sun lounge grin

SO glad your appointment at the EPU went well and you were reassured.

If i'm invited that week is good for me too, going up north to visit my parents and show off new baby to some old friends the week before that and DH is off work so can leave the older ones with him and show off my baby to all of you grin can you tell i'm loving showing him off at all??

Karen4007 Thu 15-Jul-10 10:28:37

If you guys arraange when is good for you I will try and fit in around it. I have to pick my other half up from work at about half sixish, but I could try and get my mum or dad to get him. They are away at the moment, so I can't ask.

Medee what time do you finish work and would you be able to get there?

I've got to the weepy stage of pregnancy, so if my parents say no or my boyf gets annoyed I can always cry! lol

Hope to see you all soon


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